Disease Elimination


There is definitely a lot of discussion around this topic but the bare facts are that there are thousands of sufferers of all forms of disease who are cured each year through nutrition alone and always raw foods plays a big part in the show. There are a number of facilities such as the Gerson institute where predominantly natural foods are used year after year to produce positive results. There are also a hundred or so doctors who have become sick during their later school years or university years and of course found that with all the best advice freely available they were unable to restore their health. The average time taken was four years to full rostral or at least a level of health which they could live and work with. These are the doctors we see in the regular summits. They are collections of interview videos where the doctors are extolling the virtues of nutrition as their health saviors. Collectively they have clearly identified the nutritional disasters they have each used to accumulate sickness in their teens and twenties until they had to take action.

The identified culprits have been gluten, sugar, vegetable oils, processed dairy and processed foods generally. While the saviors were vegetables in general with special attention to the greens. Then fruits, whole fish and meats, beneficial oils such as coconut, fish oils, avocado and olive oil. Because they are doctors, supplements have still played a part and some still use a few medicinal supports but it is amazing how many are attempting to get right away from medications.

While none of them have come up with any approach apart from the natural, organic and quality foods and supplements there is a spread of ideas on diets with some tending towards high fat, which opens the door for the ketogenic followers.