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Real tried and true, tested and confirmed health information without any influence from vested interests is very scarce. At nutritionfactsbook.com we are sceptical about everything so we try pretty much every concept, product or natural substance that we consider worth trying. We also solicit expert opinions relating to our findings or judgements from qualified practitioners. We also source as much valuable information as we can from books written on specific subjects by specialists and other recognised research sources. If any of our readers have information not yet listed in any form we are interested in hearing from you. Natural health is a massive field which we will never know everything about. 
The following health information parcel is assembled to guide interested parties keen to better their health and gain a greater insight into the massive array of god’s gifts which form the backbone of our programs. The information so contained is meant to encourage the study of natural health. Everyone should study for their own benefit and those of their friends and relatives and make decisions to follow a certain course of action based on the logic of their findings.
 Nutritional factors in foods is an important subject in the study as foods are the front line in responsibility for illhealth except where there has been accident or injury. So better foods can also be responsible for the cure. Here are all the important points behind that statement.
Foods can effect a cure for most disease in the right amounts at the right time. Enzymes, minerals, vitamins, antioxidents, amino acids and more are vital to our growth and body stability. Then Ph or the balance between acidity and alkalinity affects the establishment of disease dramatically. All these will be discussed at length. Organic has been covered in its own special page because the subject wanders off pure nutrition. Similarly supplements are covered elsewhere. We have witnessed many a cure from both these factors.

Look at the food we eat now. If you are the one that washes up the dishes after the evening meal you will understand what we are getting at. Each plate is covered in fat and grease. Except dads he cleans his with a piece of white bread. Yuk!! Look at the fats on top of the water when you are finished and imagine at the same time your stomach is faced with the same job. 60% of our energy is used on digestion. Wash up after a salad feast and see the difference. A quick rinse under the tap and its done!! Imagine 50 years of cleaning up that mess with no spare apron!!. Wild animals live a healthy life until eaten by a bigger one or becoming victim to flood, drought or the interference of man. None of them cook their foods. Cows and horses eat raw grass and grow bigger and healthier than us. Man of course knows better and cooks or processes his food and if it is not deadly enough adds chemicals to it. The animals never need a doctor but we need them regularly. Each generation gets poorer in health as the growing statistics for disease will prove and the experts put it down to genetics. So that is the answer. Or it could be germs, viruses and bacteria with a little fungus. But food has caused the problem and generally speaking, raw food can fix it as is proved by many thousands overcoming the deadly diseases by consuming only raw vegetable juice. This happens every year and of course takes a little time so our study has revealed hundreds of ways to shorten the time needed for a complete reversal so you can eat deadly cooked and processed food again!!. If a little emphasis on the dangers deters you so be it. This page is a basis for active discussion so please feel free to comment.